New Windows PCs and tablets that include support for the latest processors like 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors and Intel® Atom™ processors, are thinner, lighter and faster, with longer battery life. With new low-cost devices available soon, these impressive devices will soon have equally impressive price tags.


Microsoft Volume Licensing

Introducing the OVS for Education Solutions (OVS-ES) from Microsoft® Volume Licensing

OVS Education Solutions is an easy, cost-effective licensing offer that provides qualifying academic institutions with assured coverage for desktop platform products (i.e. Windows and Office) with one annual employee count, the flexibility to add products in any quantity and simplified asset management—all under a single, evergreen subscription agreement.

In today’s complex education IT environments, the OVS-ES provides primary, secondary, higher and further education institutions:

  • An affordable volume based price and the rights to the latest or previous version of Microsoft Enterprise software products, including: Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013, Windows® 8.1 Professional Upgrade, Microsoft Core Client Access License (CAL) Suite, and Microsoft Enterprise Client Access License (ECAL) Suite.
  • The simplicity of counting Full Time Equivalent (FTE) employees just once per year. In the UK an FTE is someone who works 200+ hours per year.
  • Software Assurance; a powerful combination of benefits that include new version rights, the Home Use Program (HUP), and many other advantages, including tools, and training resources.
  • A broad selection of additional Microsoft software products that may be licensed in any quantity.
  • A number of Academic Office365 plans including A2 and Student Advantage – both currently Free!
  • Predictable annual payments with a one-year or three-year term option.

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