Device-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Device-as-a-Service offers many benefits to organisations by providing commercial notebooks, desktops and specialised devices as a paid subscription service, each with hardware lifecycle management services included.

DaaS eases the IT needs of organisations, allowing them to quickly scale up physical devices as needed and update to newer hardware more frequently.

With a predictable cost model, DaaS also improves cash flow as well as pushing costs from capital expenditures over to operating expenses.


Our DaaS Advisors

Our DaaS Advisors

Our DaaS advisors provide a true ‘as-a-Service’ self-serve experience, completely removing the complexity of both choosing and financing your devices online.

By answering a series of simple questions, advisors fully guide you through specific product configurations to ensure you are getting the best devices for your needs. Advisors then seamlessly connect into the finance provider to offer exact monthly finance costs, all within one easy to use interface.

Once happy with your selection and the monthly prices provided, click to checkout and await online approval – It really is that simple.

Featured DaaS Advisors

Take a look at our Device-as-a-Service solutions for your business.

Why not take advantage of our exclusive Device-as-a-Service advisors now, and let them help you to configure and select the right hardware and accessories, for a simple monthly cost.

PreSalesAdvisor Lite – Configure, Price, Quote and DaaS Advisor Technology for everyone

PreSalesAdvisor empowers Probrand to quickly create and publish online product and service advisors as well as our new finance connected DaaS advisors.

With PreSalesAdvisor, admin staff can configure and build unlimited advisors, while empowered sales teams can easily configure products and services with additional upsell accessories and options. With automatic finance ‘as-a-Service’ options to complete the sales process offering the choice of either a one-off basket payment or the preferable and customer attractive monthly payment.

To find out more about PreSalesAdvisor technology and what it could do for your organisation, click here now.