Founded in 1953, CHERRY presented its first computer keyboards in 1973, a milestone in the company’s history, leading the way forward. Today, CHERRY is the oldest manufacturer of computer keyboards, a pioneer in the computer hardware industry.



Based on its principle “We are the simplest link between people and the digital world”, CHERRY is able to successfully take customers all over the world into the digital future. Original CHERRY quality is the benchmark for input devices in a variety of applications; at point of sale, industrial plant or on the desktop, covering “Professional IT Devices & Systems”.

Desktop sets, mice, keyboards, mechanical MX switches and card-reading terminals are the core of the CHERRY brand today.

Simplicity, integrity, quality, partnership, best performance

Why choose CHERRY?

CHERRY is a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of computer keyboards, mice, magnetic and chip card readers and the best mechanical key-switches in the industry. For more than four decades, the red cherries have stood for high-quality, attractively designed computer input devices.

From our technological innovations, custom product developments and global manufacturing capabilities to our performance record and customer successes, CHERRY is the best pick for your application.

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