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HP Workstations and Thin Clients


HP Thin Clients are an affordable alternative to standard PC's in cloud or virtualized computing environments. Our broad portfolio lets you fine-tune your end user and cloud computing experience. Choose from wide-ranging options for processor, operating system, and communication protocol from VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft. For performance, security and simplicity, thin is in.

HP Thin Clients are built for speed. From the VMware-optimized hardware of HP Zero Clients to the latest quad-core processors in HP Flexible Thin Clients, our portfolio has what it takes to satisfy even the most power-hungry applications, including 3D and multimedia. And with support for up to four digital monitors, you work the way you want, as fast as you want.

HP Zero Clients

Zero in on a better VMware client.

HP Zero Clients are designed for VMware environments with the latest PCoIP technology ideal for graphics-intensive applications that need workstation-like performance and support for dual monitors. No operating system or moving parts mean HP Zero clients require zero management. Deployment is simple and viruses are history. As HP's most secure endpoints, HP Zero Clients keep your data safe in the datacentre-only pixels are transferred. Hardware USB authorization and fibre NIC2 add extra layers of security. Designed for fast PCoIP, Amazon Workspace and VMware, HP Zero Clients are an ultra-low-cost-per-seat solution with ultra-performance and reliability.

View the HP Zero Client t310 Series

HP Thin Clients

Customize your level of performance, security and manageability.

Pair the thin client desktop form factor of your choice with the operating system of your choice, including Linux-based HP Smart Zero Core and HP ThinPro, or Windows Embedded. Choose the AMD processing power that matches your productivity needs, whether it's for mission-critical multimedia access, or everyday task-based demands. Support your growth with expansion options and legacy ports, choose native support for up to four digital displays, and maintain network adaptability with wired-in ethernet and Wi-Fi options. Get a cloud-ready and VDI-optimized thin client that's tested and certified for today's top ISV providers, including Citrix, VMware and Microsoft.

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HP Mobile Thin Clients

Ultimate cloud convenience.

Mobile cloud computing is easier and more flexible than ever with HP Mobile Thin Clients. Employees can get the job done from just about anywhere thanks to professional cloud and VDI-optimized features with critical user and management software built right in. Windows-based programs and tools make it easy for everyone to log in and get to work with familiar tools and programs. No training required.

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Spend more time creating and less time waiting. HP Z Workstations help you handle more, do more, and give you limitless creative possibilities. Packed with the newest industry-leading processing, graphics, and innovative technologies, HP Z Workstations provide the tools you need to handle the toughest workstreams.

Think HP Z

HP Z Workstations have been on the market for over 30 years. Designed from the inside out, HP Z Workstations deliver high performance and reliability with the latest innovations and industry-leading technologies. When you need to focus on your work, not your workstation-think HP Z.

HP Z All-In-One

Bring your ideas to life quickly with the elegant and innovative all-in-one. The HP Z1 Workstation comes loaded with the technologies you need to set your creativity loose.

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HP Z Desktops

Fuel your creative vision with a workstation tailored to your demands. HP knows different tasks require different tools and that's why we offer a complete family of HP Z Desktop Workstations with scalability and performance to tackle your most complex tasks.

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HP ZBooks

When inspiration strikes, the HP ZBook is there. These superb mobile workstations offer a choice of screen size and are packed with incredible power to take on intensive projects.

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