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HP OfficeJet Pro Cashback

How to claim your cashback

Purchase a qualifying HP Product

1. Purchase a qualifying HP Product

Purchase a qualifying HP OfficeJet Pro and benefit from the HP cashback.

For further details please read the Terms & Conditions.

Claim cashback

2. Claim your Cashback

Submit your claim for cashback within 30 days from purchase.


3. Receive your cashback

Once your claim is successfully validated you will receive your cashback by bank transfer.

Purchase a qualifying HP Product


Only one (1) claim can be made for each purchased HP Qualifying Product. The Promotion is limited to a maximum of two (2) HP Qualifying Printers per end-user customer during the Promotional Period.

We recommend that you have all details at hand before starting:

  • Product number and serial number of your product (Product and serial number can be found on the product label. Look for the label on the back of the product, at the bottom of the product or on the inside of the cartridge access door.)
  • Electronic copy of invoice (you will be required to upload the invoice during claiming process in order for your claim to be successful)
    (The invoice must clearly show the model of the HP Qualifying Product, name and address of the purchaser, name and address of the seller and invoice date and purchase price. Proof of order or dispatch note will not be accepted.)
  • Personal data and bank details

Save money

Get rewarded when you purchase eligible HP products.
Starting with cashback on HP printers, toner & ink.

Purchase a qualifying HP Product

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