Hewlett Packard Enterprise will provide the technology solutions customers need to optimize their traditional IT, while helping them build a secure, cloud-enabled, mobile-ready infrastructure that is uniquely suited to their needs. Hewlett Packard Enterprise includes storage and servers, enterprise services, software and networking.


Data and Storage

Corporate legistration

Designed to protect the privacy of data subjects


To take critical potentially overdue steps to increase security and ensure compliance in several areas

Any Business

Entities (data controllers and data processors) processing personal data, established in the EU as well as the non-EU

Fines and/or reputation damage

Non-compliance leads to fines up to 4% of parent company annual revenue (max 20 million Euros)1

Personal data

Any information about a living individual who can be identified directly or indirectly

Data subject

An identified or identifiable person

Data protection authority

Regulators in each EU member state that enforce the GDPR


Organisation that determines the purpose or means of processing personal data


Organisation that process personal data on behalf of a controller

HPE Storage

A Storage Infrastructure that can ensure sensitive data is protected stored, and backed up securely.


AI for the data center to predict and prevent issues across the infrastructure stack

Cloud ready

Ubiquitious scale with data mobility between on premises and the public cloud


Flexibility to go to any place with future-proofed platforms and guaranteed availability2

HPE Nimble Storage

Simplicity and a new approach to storage and support


Flexibility with the broadest set of storage features

HPE StoreOnce and HPE RMC

Protect data 23X faster3

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