KnowledgeBus is a powerful, web-based procurement benchmarking tool. It features an intuitive, tile-based interface, and provides data on hundreds of thousands of IT products, helping you drive down your procurement costs. Whether you’re a small business or an international enterprise, KnowledgeBus gives you an edge by providing stock and costing trends at a glance, letting you make informed purchases no matter your budget.



Everything You Need to Get the Best Price

A Wealth of Pricing Data

Perform searches and browse detailed specifications of over 150,000 current IT products from more than 2,500 manufacturers, along with historic data for 600,000 end of line products. KnowledgeBus also provides useful information such as exchange rates and raw material prices, helping you establish an ongoing procurement strategy to benefit your spend margins.

The Products That Matter to You

Create customised lists of products, making it easy to find the ones you need the most. Use a list to request a new quote, and share your lists with colleagues. Pin individual products and lists to your personalised KnowledgeBus homepage, giving you immediate insight into common products as soon as you log in.

Monitor an Ever-changing Market

Review graphs and statistics of recent price and stock movements, and examine products affected by these fluctuations. This can be done for all products in the channel, as well as specific products you add to a personal watch list, helping you stay ahead of the curve.

An Integrated Solution

KnowledgeBus makes use of industry-standard web services, letting you integrate it with your current online presence. Take your work anywhere by exporting data as a spreadsheet, and installing KnowledgeBus add-ins for popular software such as Microsoft Word and Excel.

Stay Informed

KnowledgeBus includes collaborative tools to help keep you on top of market changes that affect your business. Set up automated alerts to receive a message any time a product’s price or stock drops below a specific threshold, it becomes discontinued, and more. Maintain a list of companies and contacts you deal with regularly, and request quotes based on your product lists.

Find Your Framework

If you work in the public sector, or your private-sector company is eligible, you can subscribe to a pricing framework that ensures you get the best price and selection possible. If no existing framework is right for you, one can be built to your specifications, allowing other eligible users to subscribe to it.