KnowledgeKube is the fastest way to create applications for the web, Windows, iOS and Android. Using KnowledgeKube, you can develop everything from personal productivity apps to corporate-level platforms, all of which can easily be integrated with enterprise data, cloud services, external devices, and much more besides.



A Multi-purpose, Rapid Application Development solution

Unparalleled Flexibility

Build it your way using KnowledgeKube’s expansive toolset, then refine and improve your applications as dictated by changing requirements.

Deliver Better Results, Faster

Use integrated delivery features to quickly publish an application on both web and mobile platforms. Whether you use your own site-based resources or connect to external ones, you can be sure your app will look and feel exactly as you need it to.

Collaboration is Key

Multiple users can share resources to create KnowledgeKube applications as a team. Source control lets a user make changes to one part of an application while someone else works on another, with no risk of either person overwriting someone else’s work.

No Coding Experience? No Problem!

KnowledgeKube’s low-code methodology lets even non-programmers create fully-working applications. Its bespoke expression engine lets anyone interested in coding learn how to build progressively more powerful systems as they continue to use the tool.

Everything is Connected

KnowledgeKube includes a suite of options that let you connect your application to external data sources. As long as the data you need is accessible through a RESTful API, you can instruct KnowledgeKube to either modify it, or fetch and consume it in a number of useful ways including statistical analysis, graphs, charts, and tables.

Build User and Role-driven Content

Create user accounts for your application, and assign each of them suitable roles. By restricting aspects of your app to certain users or roles, you can easily deliver the right content to the right person, and allow authorised to users perform administration within the app itself.

A Library of Knowledge

KnowledgeKube is supported by a wealth of documentation and educational resources, ensuring its users can learn everything they need to build a smarter, more powerful application.