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Configure, Price, Quote is an important element missing from most product and service driven sites. Unlike other offerings, KnowledgeKube's PSAT Lite brings a truly agile solution that puts the control back into the business.

PSAT Lite allows Category teams to quickly configure self-serve advisor tools that digitise the sales process, from maximising the attach for client devices through to building technical solutions and services. PSAT Lite truly makes everyone a domain expert and maximises every sale.

PreSalesAdvisor Lite - The simple and affordable cloud-based self-service Configure, Price, Quote system

PSAT vendor agnostic
PSAT self service

Self-Serve Configuration, Pricing & Quotation Made Simple

Easily digitise product knowledge to allow users to self-serve and include upsell accessories and options, with true ‘as-a-service’ monthly payment plans and approvals.

Based on the globally recognised PreSalesAdvisor system, our Lite version empowers organisations to self-configure their own unlimited advisors. Making it easy to price, quote and enable outright purchase or as-a-service finance, for both products and services – all within one advisor.

The Power to Self-Serve

Admin staff can configure unlimited advisors, while empowered sales teams can configure products and services with additional upsell accessories and options.

All complete with automatic finance 'as-a-service' options to complete the sales process with either a one-off basket payment or the preferable and customer attractive monthly payment.

PSAT Advisor Laptop

Why PreSalesAdvisor Lite?

PreSalesAdvisor Lite allows you to launch vendor-agnostic Product and Service Advisors complete with 'as-a-service' finance faster and easier than any other system on the market.

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