PreSalesAdvisor is a cloud-based application that helps companies create guided advisors and configuration tools to sell their products and services in an efficient, dynamic and straightforward manner. The application is intuitive, but highly customisable, and it can be branded to suit any requirement. PreSalesAdvisor gives you the confidence that your customers can raise orders quickly and easily, with the information they need to make the right purchase every time.



Effective Customer Engagement Made Simple

Simple, Configurable, and Adaptable

Not only can PreSalesAdvisor solutions be developed and deployed quickly in line with current business logic, they can easily be modified and enhanced in response to changing requirements.

Deliver Accurate Pricing in Real-time

The self-service nature of PreSalesAdvisor means a customer can explore any number of bundles and configurations, obtaining realistic quotes for each, without the need for a service representative to get involved until the client has made an informed decision.

The Correct Message for Your Audience

One size does not fit all, so PreSalesAdvisor lets you use product insight to deliver on-screen content tailored to any type of customer. This means that individuals will only see what is relevant to them, while everything else is conveniently hidden.

Make It Your Own

Use branding and styles to make your PreSalesAdvisor look and feel like the rest of your online presence. Generate downloadable documents, e-mails and other branded content that use an individual’s choices to deliver meaningful content back to them.

Active Integration with External Data

If your service requires pricing, stock or other data from an external service, you can connect PreSalesAdvisor to that service and use it to supply your customers with accurate information at every stage of the process.

Process Transactions in a Fraction of the Time

Existing customers have transformed their sales pipeline using PreSalesAdvisor. One company used the application to automate and streamline a deal registration system, reducing its turn-around time from five days to just one hour.