Progora is a revolutionary e-procurement platform that lets you develop – in a matter of weeks – a dynamic, scalable marketplace for all of your products and services. Its easy-to-use interface and configurable business logic gives your user and suppliers the confidence that they are getting the best deal possible. With it being a comprehensive, centralised platform, users of Progora can get everything done without the need for hand-holding or looking up information on external websites.



Procurement is Evolving

Time is Money

By delivering simple, effective digital processes through a single user-friendly portal, you can reduce the amount of time wasted by your suppliers and buyers. If your service is too complex or time-consuming, your users will want to spend their time (and money) elsewhere.

The Luxury of Choice

For any given product, a prospective buyer can view the prices and stock levels offered by multiple suppliers. When the buyer decides to proceed, Progora will determine the optimal supplier for each product in their basket, to ensure the best value for money and the lowest possible delivery costs.

Analyse, Adapt and Evolve

Using powerful analytics, examine graphical representations of your users’ activity over time. Drill down into specific data to observe trends and measure KPIs, and produce management information to continually improve your market strategy.

Your Products, Your Rules

Define processes that suit your business needs, enabling optimal communication between you, your users and your suppliers. Quickly adapt or expand your workflow as the needs of your business change, without disruption to your daily operations.

Complement Your Existing Services

Instead of requiring you to completely replace or adapt your current systems, Progora can work together with them, enveloping their features to provide a seamless, enhanced experience that can eventually be upgraded to replace legacy features as needed.

A Tailored Experience

After an individual logs into Progora, they will gain immediate access to all of the features they need. Users, suppliers and administrators will see a range of options and data based on the roles they have been given and the relationships between them and other users of the site.