Skurio is an innovative cybersecurity software company that helps customers protect themselves against digital risks. Our Digital Risk Protection platform combines automated, round the clock monitoring of the surface, deep and Dark Web with powerful analytics capabilities for cyber threat intelligence. Our automated SaaS solution looks for cyber threats specific to an organisation, giving a single view of all data breaches and threats outside the network. Additional features help protect data across the supply chain with synthetic identities and protect the business from brand impersonation with typo squatting monitoring.

Introducing Skurio Digital Risk Protection

What is Digital Risk Protection?

As the world moves online, companies of all sizes are taking advantage of cloud computing, Software-as-a-Service, and digital supply chains to deliver a better experience to their customers. But cybersecurity hasn’t kept up. Most security resources are still focused on defending the network and the data inside it.

Skurio helps you to protect your organisation, and your critical data, by making one simple change to your cybersecurity strategy. We look outside for your data. Skurio combs the surface, deep and Dark Web for your data and alerts you whenever it is found. From email credentials to details of your infrastructure or information on your VIP’s, if it appears anywhere, Skurio alerts you right away so you can take action fast to mitigate the risk and minimise damage.

Watch this video for an introduction to DRP:

What are the key benefits of Digital Risk Protection?

Build trust with your customers

Your customers want more than good service and a great digital experience. They want to know that you are keeping their information safe and secure. Digital Risk Protection can help you make your brand the one people trust.

Accelerate your digital transformation

Digitally transforming your company can increase risk from the use of new channels, applications, plug-ins, and devices. Digital Risk Protection provides that all-important early warning if they are compromised.

Secure your organisation’s digital supply chain

In today’s connected world, security inside the firewall is no longer enough. You share critical business data with suppliers and partners in distributed applications. Digital Risk management can help you share data with confidence.

Skurio platform components

Take a look for yourself…

Seeing is believing, so we’ve made this short video to introduce you to the core concepts of why you need digital risk protection and show you how easy it is to set up the system.

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