SonicWall has been fighting the cyber-criminal industry for over 25 years, defending small, medium size businesses and enterprises worldwide. Our combination of products and partners has enabled a real-time cyber defense solution tuned to the specific needs of the more than 500,000 global businesses in over 150 countries, so you can do more business with less fear.



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A multi-layer approach to ransomware prevention

SonicWall next-generation firewalls provide effective ransomware prevention, with a layered approach on top of our multi-engine cloud-based SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection Service. Capture scans a broad range of file types to detect advanced threats, analyzes them in parallel engines, blocks them prior to a security verdict, and rapidly deploys remediation signatures. The result is higher security effectiveness, faster response times and a lower total cost of ownership.

In addition, when corporate endpoints and mobile devices connect remotely to corporate resources using public or unsecure networks, SonicWall Secure Mobile Access (SMA) routes the traffic through your network firewall and Capture to ensure protection from ransomware attacks and other unknown threats. To block ransomware from mobile devices, SonicWall Secure Mobile Access shares session details with the firewall for further analysis.


Gain visibility into encrypted traffic to stop hidden threats

The malicious use of encryption is soaring, as encrypted inbound and outbound network traffic accounts for nearly two-thirds of organizations' web connections today. Encryption protocols such as Transport Layer Security (TLS), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and Secure Shell (SSH) are now being used to hide cyber-attacks. Skillful criminals can successfully exploit vulnerabilities, push malware downloads, conduct command and control communications and steal data inside encrypted traffic while avoiding detection.

With this rise in attacks inside encrypted traffic, it is imperative for organizations to establish a security model that can decrypt and inspect encrypted traffic. This will help neutralize the danger of hidden threats. Otherwise, organizations are missing much of the value their security systems provide.

Safeguard your network from encrypted threats with SonicWall Deep Packet Inspection of TLS, SSL and SSH. These add-on security services are available on all SonicWall Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) and Unified Threat Management (UTM) firewalls. DPI-SSL delivers deep protection against encrypted threats, and scalable SSL decryption and inspection performance without limitation. It leverages SonicWall's patented Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection engine, a full-stack streaming inspection technology that scans a broad array of encryption protocols. These protocols include HTTPS, SMTPS, NNTPS, LDAPS, FTPS, Telnets, IMAPS, IRCS, and POPS. For high traffic or highly-regulated deployments, DPI-SSL can exclude trusted sources to optimize network performance, and conform to privacy and/or legal requirements.


Prevent advanced email threats with a next-generation email security solution

Ransomware, phishing and business email compromise have made email security more crucial than ever. Email-borne threats have evolved from annoying spam attacks to business disrupting ransomware attacks. SonicWall Email Security protects you from advanced email threat hackers involving ransomware, spear phishing and business email compromise./p>

Now available integrated with our Capture Advance Threat Protection Service, SonicWall Email Security delivers fine-grained, user-transparent inspection of SMTP traffic. The cloud-based Capture service scans a broad range of email attachment types, analyzes them in a multi-engine sandbox, and blocks dangerous files or emails before they reach your network. Email Security with Capture gives you a highly effective and responsive defense against email threats, at a low TCO.

In addition, SonicWall Email Security features superior anti-phishing, anti-spoofing, anti-spam, multi-engine anti-virus and data loss prevention (DLP), as well as detailed reporting.


Stop cyberattacks across wired, wireless and mobile networks

Organizations today need to provide workers with high-speed access to resources over wired, wireless and mobile networks. However, cybercriminals are leveraging each of these vectors to initiate advanced attacks, with hidden threats and zero-day attacks. Organizations can also lose control over data in remote team environments using wireless and mobile networks that connect to cloud services. Disruption in access leads to a loss of productivity, gives rise to shadow IT, and creates gaps in an organization’s security posture. Workers expect access to resources on wired and mobile networks to be as secure, fast and user-friendly as access on wired networks.

Security across all networks should include core next-generation firewall services, deep packet inspection of encrypted traffic (DPI-SSL), and cloud-based multi-engine sandboxing. Wireless networks should leverage the performance, range and reliability of 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless technology in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Mobile networks should provide a consistent access experience using federated single sign-on to both cloud and on premise resources, with both multi-factor authentication and endpoint control. And with the continuing increase in the number of connected devices and encrypted connections, performance is key to effective security, whether across wired, wireless or mobile networks.

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