A global force in technology since 1875, Toshiba has been delivering industry-leading mobile computing innovations to European businesses through our channel partners for over 27 years.



Why Choose Toshiba?

Toshiba's commitment to excellence means that whether you're in the office or on-the-go, you can count on Toshiba to provide a high-quality mobile computing experience. We place our customers at the centre of everything we do. Your feedback influences our products and helps us achieve our goals of providing industry-leading computing experiences – based around the four elements of quality, design, ease of use, and eco-friendliness. This approach results in environmentally-responsible products that excel in reliability, intuitiveness and design, and suit every business need.

From finishing off a business-critical presentation on the road, to communicating with colleagues remotely, you can depend on Toshiba quality for an outstanding experience. Selling over 100 million laptops, no other vendor can claim the same experience or heritage as Toshiba.

QUALITY is something Toshiba will never sacrifice. Our products are designed to provide leading performance and are built to last. That’s why our customers trust us. Every sale is backed up with industry-leading after-sales service and, in many cases, an unprecedented money-back guarantee for peace of mind.

We DESIGN all our products to give our customers the best user experience. This means Toshiba products that will do everything you want them to and they’ll look good while they’re doing it

EASE-OF-USE is essential. We listen to our customers and we know they want products that do more. We invest as much in the user experience as we do in the technology, because if technology isn’t intuitive and simple, people will never get the most from it.

Toshiba is committed to being GREEN. As a responsible company with a reputation for creating eco-friendly products, we’re always looking for new ways to be green. All our laptops are designed with energy-efficiency in mind and we are constantly striving to be at the forefront of efforts in reducing environmental impacts.

MOBILITY – the more time a customer spends working remotely, the more they’ll value features such as extended battery life, lightweight design and connectivity features.

PERFORMANCE – for customers that use resource-hungry applications, we offer top-end processors, high memory capacity, and the latest graphics cards.

ROBUSTNESS – for customers who travel often, features such as a strengthened chassis and 3D accelerometer keyboard offer valuable peace of mind.

CONNECTIVITY – for customers who are always on the go, features like mobile broadband, multiple connectivity ports, and advanced docking will save time when connecting to devices and networks.

SECURITY – customers who carry sensitive data can rest assured it’s better protected with integrated hardware features such as the SmartCard Reader and fingerprint reader.

MANAGEABILITY – customers can receive remote support from their IT departments and reduce downtime with features such as Intel® Active Management Technology and the PC Health Monitor.

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