Benchmarking Services

81% of procurers aren’t paying the margins they think they are.

Quickly benchmark purchases to discover the margins you’re paying on IT

Let Probrand benchmark and validate your purchases or Do It Yourself using a dedicated application to get the insight you need to unlock more from your IT procurement.

Our team uses CIPS accredited KnowledgeBus for rapid benchmarking of IT purchases against daily trade guide price and stock levels on over 150,000 products from more than 2,500 manufacturers.

A range of IT spend analysis tools also help buyers identify, track and forecast market dynamics more efficiently for more strategic procurement initiatives.

Business Intelligence

Drive informed procurement decisions with a terabyte of daily updated ICT market business intelligence.

Rapid Benchmarking

Chart, plot and track primary IT price affecting elements to help predict best time to buy products.

App Store

KnowledgeBus' newest feature allowing users to work more effectively, saving time and money.

Total Compatibility

Integrate your benchmarking workflow with third party solutions, from cloud based applications through to complex ERP systems.

Exchange Rates

KnowledgeBus covers 150,000 + "live" products from 2,500+ manufacturers across every category.

Spend Analysis

Monitor channel prices, margins and industry cost guides while accessing data such as product descriptions, quantity, and purchase dates.