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Probrand donates Clevertouch Interactive
screen to West Midlands school

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Birmingham-based technology services provider, Probrand, has donated a Clevertouch Interactive screen to the Greek School of Coventry – a supplementary school teaching Greek language skills, history, religious education and more.

With an intuitive touch screen and gesture-based controls, Clevertouch screens are a powerful tool for modern classrooms, helping to deliver new, more interactive ways of teaching and learning.

Alongside Clevertouch, Probrand has also delivered an onsite training session to enable teaching staff to take advantage of all the available educational tools that can be used on the screens.

Neo Paphitis, a sales manager at Probrand, attended the school in his teens and is currently a governor there. He said: ‘‘To be able to go back to my old school and donate a piece of technology was just such a brilliant thing to do. The kids were really excited about trying it out and I’m looking forward to seeing how they interact with it going forward.’’

Head Teacher Eleftheria Kaparalioti said: ‘‘As a Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Learning, we are committed to the continuous development of our teachers, which includes introducing resources and technologies that support different learning styles. We operate purely on donations and are incredibly grateful to the team at Probrand for this contribution and for their time in helping us to get the most from the Clevertouch Interactive screen. This piece of technology will give all students the opportunity to use different methods of learning which will help develop their Greek language skills in a modern way.’’

Tim Allenden, sales director at Clevertouch Technologies added: ‘Probrand is one of our most trusted and valued partners, so working with them to help a local school was an opportunity I couldn’t wait to be involved in. This new Clevertouch screen and the training that Probrand are providing with it, will give the school access to more resources and new ways of teaching moving forward. It was lovely to see how excited the kids were to have this kind of technology in place, and I can’t wait to go back and see the difference it is making.’’