BenQ are a world-leading human technology and solutions provider driven by the corporate vision of "Bringing Enjoyment 'N' Quality to Life" to elevate and enrich the aspects of life that matter most to people today - lifestyle, business, healthcare and education.


BenQ Monitors

BenQ, an internationally renowned VA LED monitor expert, has always been dedicated to providing digital lifestyle innovations as well as actively seeking solutions to ease the viewing experience of all users.

BenQ’s Eye-Care campaign is across its monitor product range, adding comfort and visual pleasure to users, and reducing the risk of eyestrain but also enhancing their work productivity.


Flicker-free Technology

The human eye notices screen flickering when there’s a significant change in the brightness of light as it reaches the eyes, often causing computer eyestrain. Monitors give the illusion of a constant image when in fact they are ‘refreshing’ quite frequently. These changes are very noticeable. Built using a Direct Current (DC) backlight system, BenQ monitors do not use Pulse Width Modulation, eliminating the main cause of flicker.

Low Blue Light

BenQ takes the eye health of users to heart and computer eye strain is no exception, offering a series of BenQ monitors designed to help everyone. Studies show that blue light from the sunlight, computer monitors and fluorescent lamps may be very harmful to the eyes causing macular degeneration or sleep disorders. These concerns are very serious and BenQ has developed a series of Eye-care monitors with features including Flicker-free and Low Blue Light technologies, so users can combat the possible side effects associated with blue light to keep eyes healthy and happy.

Professional Monitors

Make Inspirations Come Alive

Say goodbye to the days of poor resolution, color inaccuracy and restrictive viewing. Every BenQ high-resolution monitor for designers is constructed with ultra-high resolution and 100% sRGB, along with CAD/CAM and Animation Mode to help breathe life into your inspirations. It is the ultimate graphic design monitor solution carefully designed to meet all demands of every professional working with PTC, Photoshop, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Maya or CAD / CAM software. The, Flicker-free Technology, Low Blue Light and included DVI and HDMI cables help to make your working experience more comfortable and enjoyable.


ZOWIE e-Sports Monitors

ZOWIE e-Sports Monitors

The sole focus of ZOWIE is to make pro-level gear for pro-level gamers. Performance tools should be stripped to their leanest and most efficient state, which is why you’ll never see a ZOWIE product with pointless design or gratuitous aesthetics. This is about lean, mean competition. This pursuit of perfection will always drive us to ask what we could be doing better to help gamers perform better.


The ZOWIE team is made up of tried and true gamers, many of whom have been decorated pros. Our love for gaming guides every decision we make as a team and a brand.

RL-Series – Be Precise. Be Relentless

Every detail of the RL-series is designed and fine-tuned for the alternative console e-sports experience. The ZOWIE RL-series has been adopted worldwide by most professional e-Sports tournaments and players. With your persistence and dedication to win backed by the exclusive features of the RL-series, you will be armed to compete in FPS, fighting or sports games on any console.

The RL2460 exclusively lets you set up a head-to-head combat station without being disturbed by your opponents.

XL-Series – No Doubts, No Limits

BenQ ZOWIE XL-series e-Sports monitors feature the premiere monitors for e-Sports, fine-tuned to guarantee the smoothest and responsive experience, and the clearest images to arm you for competition.

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