Brother business solutions will help you work smarter. Business’s reliance on technology in the workplace has increased rapidly. It allows people to access and share information more easily, collaborate more effectively and streamline time-consuming processes.

Brother solutions can deliver greater productivity, cost-efficient working, security and supports greater sustainability. With Brother “At your side”

Why Brother?

At Brother, we’re committed to providing businesses with the expertise they need to make smart decisions and implement printing solutions that can stand the test of time.

We take steps to anticipate changes to your customers’ needs, continuously improving their experience.

We offer print technology solutions to suit all sectors and their requirements, leaving you with satisfied customers and a reputation for providing the best products and services.

We are the ideal partner for customers seeking choice without compromising on quality, thanks to our diverse portfolio of devices, our solutions and our partnerships with leading third-party software vendors.

workers assisting
workers assisting

A secure Workplace

The connected technology of today’s working environments has created growing security challenges for all businesses. Our hardware, services and solutions provide triple-layer security, which protects devices, provides document confidentiality and locks out infiltrators from accessing networks.

Our professional printer range puts secure printing first. Devices are designed to automatically monitor for irregular network activity and shut down upon detection

of malicious processes, keeping data and the device safe, while ensuring it can’t be used as an entry point to secure networks.

In addition, businesses are also protected using end-to-end encryption and port-based access control, designed to allow users to connect and share documents with confidence.

Both ours and third-party integrated document security upgrades further protect important documents and improve print security, providing your customers with added peace of mind. These advanced solutions mean that only authorised users can print sensitive documents ensuring confidential data never falls into the wrong hands.

A cost-efficient and productive workplace

Brother can help businesses optimise their print infrastructure, providing visibility, certainty, and control over cost at scale, even for the most complex set ups.

A key part of managing costs and reducing expenditure is implementing more efficient technology.

Our easy-to-integrate solutions combine innovative hardware and software, enabling your customers to monitor and analyse their print volumes and control costs.

Our technology solutions combine extremely reliable, high-performance hardware with smart workflow solutions to deliver significant cost and time-efficiency gains.

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Sustainable Workplace

Sustainability matters to every business – and we’re no exception. Which is why minimising our impact on the planet is a fundamental part of what we do. From developing long-lasting, efficient, and durable hardware, to ethically recycling and reusing 100% of our toner cartridges.

Our products are designed with sustainability in mind from the very start, from sourcing materials responsibly to building highly durable devices that can be repaired when needed.

We are committed to sending zero waste to landfill, so we’ll recycle any used toner cartridges returned to us via partners or customers at no extra cost.

Modular repairs are built into the design of our hardware, making it easier to source and replace individual parts, helping extend the lifecycle of our products and supporting customers’ goals of reducing waste.

We are dedicated to providing sustainable technology and solutions and we are committed to being part of the change. Together with our partners and customers, we continue to strive towards a more sustainable and carbon neutral future.

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