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Meraki Go

Easy networks for small businesses


Meraki Go is designed with small businesses in mind. The cloud-based networking solution provides the power of enterprise networking to the ever-changing needs of small businesses, giving owners and office managers control over their internet and WiFi.

Meraki Go access points, security gateway, and network switches can be installed in minutes with minimal time, resources, and expertise. Managed through the intuitive Meraki Go Mobile App, it’s easy to create a complete network that’s enjoyable to use, shows what’s happening on the network, and places control back into businesses’ hands.

With automatic firmware updates, owners don’t have to worry about critical business data being exposed to hackers or ransomware attacks. And, by customizing network settings, businesses can create unique experiences, immediately adding value as they streamline operations and increase user satisfaction.

Put the focus back on growing your business, increasing productivity, and engaging more with your customers.

This is your business network on your terms.

Meraki mobile stats

Key Features

  • Remote management of cloud-based products via an intuitive mobile app
  • Quick, guided installation with no technical knowledge needed
  • Separate business and guest networks on the same device
  • Engage guests with a custom branded landing page in seconds
  • Adjust traffic limits and block websites per user or network
  • Prioritize critical business applications for increased efficiency
  • Make informed decisions around staffing, inventory, offers, etc. by leveraging insights into guest foot traffic, dwell time, and loyalty
  • Powerful router and firewall ensure business security
  • Remotely view and enable/disable switch ports
  • Leverage in-app support for any questions

Benefits of the cloud

  • Automatic firmware updates
  • Mobile app to manage every aspect of the network
  • Guided setup of Meraki Go products and features
  • Access and manage Meraki Go devices from anywhere
  • Built in remote, live tools for troubleshooting on the go
  • Alerts for connectivity problems
  • Intuitive management tools for quick changes, as needed
  • Reduced operating costs
Meraki Go wifi


Simplified WiFi that can be securely segmented for business and guest use, providing visibility and insights into users, devices, and applications.

Meraki Go security gateway


Powerful router and firewall that keep devices on the network private and secure, while providing control over network usage limits and website access.

Meraki Go switching


Multi-functional switching providing power (PoE) and connectivity to plugged in devices, alongside built in troubleshooting tools and remote port security.

Meraki Go security subscription


Powerful router and firewall that keep devices on the network private and secure, while providing control over network usage limits and website access.

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