Plantronics and Polycom are now Poly, the global communications company that powers authentic human connection and collaboration. Poly combines legendary audio expertise and powerful video and conferencing capabilities to overcome distractions and distance. Poly has a comprehensive set of smart endpoints for unified collaboration span personal and group communication.

Plantronic mobility ware

Mobile Collaboration

Enabling enterprise customers with the best tools for mobile collaboration productivity

The way we work has almost changed beyond recognition in recent years. Business now expects mobile technology to keep their work-force connected and collaborating. And they expect that to happen pretty much all the time throughout a 16-hour day - or even beyond. But being able to do it isn't the same as being able to do it well.

Because equipping people with mobile devices is only the beginning. Bad connectivity; distruptive background noises; not being ready for the call; lack of conference call facilities - they all make communication and mobile collaboration harder than they need to be.

Have you considered how you can help key decision makers and buyers plan for better mobile collaboration and productivity.

Plantronic maintain team structure


Empowering a workforce in motion

This is a story about getting the job done. About integrating technology that changes how and where we work. About connecting the right co-workers at the right moment and communicating with anyone. from anywhere at any time.

It's about the value of workign together. Mobile collaboration can drive innovation like no other enterprise initiative. Do your workers have what they need to make it happen?

The Flex

Always adjusting to different environments. in a state of constant change.


  • Affected by background noise while on a call
  • Collaborating with collegues in different places
  • Missing important information while working remotely

The Road

Always on the go. Constantly in motion. Needs to connect from anywhere.


  • Communicating in demanding audio environments
  • Poor call quality on conference calls
  • trouble getting connected while on-the-go

The Connected Executive

A critical decision maker. Goes wherever needed to solve problems.


  • Staying connected across all devices
  • Hard to hear/understand people on calls as a remote participant
  • Distracted by background noise while on calls
Plantronic Savi 400 series

Savi 400 Series

  • Ability to move throughout your home or home office on a call
  • Microphone blocks background noises in your environment
  • Block interference from appliances anf Wi-Fi networks

Flex Workers

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Plantronic Voyager Focus UC

Voyager Focus UC

  • Block out sound for focus
  • Mobility to take calls to a quiet location
  • Ability to connect to multiple devices

Connected Executives, Flex Workers

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Plantronic Voyager 500 UC Voyager Edge UC

Voyager 500 UC/Voyager Edge UC

  • Stay connected on-the-go
  • Block background sounds in a variety of loud environments
  • Manage connectivity to multiple devices
  • Portable charging for powering up anytime, anywhere

Road warriors, connected Executives, Flex Workers

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Plantronic Calisto 600 Series

Calisto 600 Series

  • Conferencing on-the-go personal and group
  • Block background sounds in a variety of loud environments
  • Manage connectivity to multiple devices

Flex Workers, Road warriors

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Plantronic Blackwire 720

Blackwire 720

  • Manage connectivity to multiple devices
  • Block out distractions
  • Carrying case for use on-the-go

Flex Workers, Connected Executives

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