RingCentral for Healthcare

The healthcare industry as a whole is focused delivering better patient care, at a much lower cost. While comprised of many subverticals, the need for improved staff collaboration, patient engagement and health data security remain the same.

The Perils and Promise of Modern Communications in Healthcare

Communication transformation is impacting healthcare and how patient outcomes are measured

85% of first attempt voice-only calls fail in healthcare environments1

SMS carrier-based texting is used by 96% of physicians for care coordination2. Connect and engage securely with students, staff, and faculty —no matter where they are or what device they're on.

Analysts suggest that healthcare is set for continued, dramatic transformation

40% of physician productivity lost due to EHR management3

97% of patients were satisfied with their first telehealth experience4


  1. You could innovate your customer, patient and staff communications by capitalizing on the cloud's advanced capabilities?
  2. You could elevate communications while proactively ensuring security and compliance?
  3. You could extend your communication capabilities as you grow and scale with the click of a button?


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