Whether your business is seeking to support more agile ways of working, improve collaboration, attract and retain talent or increase employee productivity, our accessory solutions make it easier to achieve your goals.

When thinking about workplace transformation take time to include and plan both the devices and accessories together. Equip your workers to comfortably carry, protect and seamlessly connect your technology with the right tools for the job.

For the last 17 years, we’ve designed award winning, cutting edge IT and mobile accessories with a focus on Apple, portable power, and connectivity products. Explore our line-up below or click the buttons to discover more around each product assortment.

Our Products

Enterprise Level Docking Station

Maximize your MacBook, PC or Chromebook’s connectivity and power with our suite of USB-C Docking Stations.


Portable USB-C Adaptors

Bring more connection on-the-go with our super-slim and super-portable USB-C Adaptors for MacBook, PC and Chromebook devices.


Minimalist USB-C Hubs

Optimize your workflow with more connection and power with our full assortment of minimalist USB-C Hubs for MacBook, iPad, PC and Chromebook devices.


Chargers & Battery Packs

Power your productivity whether you’re in the office or on-the-go, with HyperJuice wireless chargers, battery packs and wall chargers.



Whether you’re a content creator needing additional display support to edit on your MacBook Pro or an educator looking for a way to optimize online learning for your students, Hyper has the solution. Our full suite of connectivity and power products will maximize multitasking and productivity for work, play or anywhere in between.


Thoughtfully designed for the most advanced video editors, designers and creatives, Hyper’s products allow you to connect to more.

Hybrid Workers

Wherever you work, Hyper’s portable and versatile connectivity and power solutions streamline productivity, optimise performance and improve work wherever it takes place.

IT & Business Professionals

Hyper’s full suite of connectivity and power solutions streamline productivity, optimise performance and improve work, wherever your workforce are.


Teachers and students are using more tech than ever requiring smarter solutions and better connectivity. Hyper have flexible solutions for every teaching environment, to keep everyone connected and learning.

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