Watch the presentations from Cyber Security Expo 2023

Welcome to our Video Library – your gateway to a world of knowledge, insights, and expertise in the realm of cybersecurity. Here, we've curated a rich collection of presentations and discussions from our Cyber Security Expo event, where industry leaders and experts shared their wisdom and experience.

Road to Zero Threats

Robin Smith, Aston Martin

Robin Smith delivered a compelling case study on Aston Martin's journey to zero threats. He shared Aston Martin's innovative approach to managing cyber threat intelligence, which proved essential in the face of a massive surge in cyber criminal activity. The session delved into how this approach was integrated into future design processes and informed delivery and development planning for the next decade.

Unmasking the Supply Chain Risk to Data

Matthew Goodbun, Senior Privacy Consultant, BSi

Matthew Goodbun, a Senior Privacy Consultant, discussed the critical process of mapping, managing, and monitoring suppliers for digital trust. He emphasized that supply chain management is an ongoing and everchanging process that goes beyond initial due diligence. Matthew provided insights into how vulnerabilities in the supply chain can open backdoors into organizations, emphasizing the use of AI and governance to mitigate these risks. The session highlighted the importance of continuous monitoring, documentation, and mapping of the supply chain to enhance organizational resilience.

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The SLT Guide to Cyber Security

Neil Limbrick, ANME

Neil Limbrick's illuminating presentation, "The SLT Guide to Cyber Security," was a crucial session at our recent Cyber Security Expo. Tailored for senior leadership teams (SLT) in the education sector, the presentation featured real-world examples of schools addressing cyber threats, such as phishing attacks and data breaches. Neil provided practical strategies to enhance cybersecurity and protect students and staff. Attendees left with actionable insights to fortify their school's defenses and ensure a secure educational environment in the digital age.

Tales from the Field: Cyber-Crime - How to Level the Score

Mark Lomas, Probrand

Mark Lomas shared valuable insights gained from reviewing the cybersecurity of various organizations, shedding light on the challenges they faced. He discussed the current landscape of cyber threats and offered practical examples and solutions for the audience. Attendees learned about areas they could implement in their own environments to bolster their cybersecurity strategies.

Help! Bitcoin Miners are Squatting in my Cloud!

Microsoft Azure Lead - Westcoast Cloud

Dave, the Microsoft Azure Lead, explored the threat landscape in the context of cloud security. He shared his top tips for creating and implementing a robust Cloud Security Strategy. Attendees gained insights into safeguarding their cloud infrastructure from the intrusion of unauthorized Bitcoin miners.

Cyber Complacency – Causes, Costs, and Culpability

Katie Ralph, Director, Solutions Engineering EMEA, SonicWall

Katie Ralph delved into the causes and impact of cyber complacency, in a world where attackers are relentless. The session discussed the real-world consequences of complacency, highlighting the need for vigilance in the face of evolving cyber threats.

Your IT Audit: What You Must Do, What You Should Do, and What You Could Do

Neil Limbrick, ANME

Neil Limbrick hosted a workshop that focused on the best areas to prioritize when auditing your IT estate. He covered external compliance, a straightforward cyber security strategy, and quick assessments to identify areas of improvement. The session aimed to guide attendees in optimizing their IT audit processes.

Panel Debate – Was Cyber Security Really More Important than Innovation?

Hosted by Kurt Jacobs, Business Insider

A panel of IT and business leaders explored the shifting landscape where cyber security had overtaken innovation as the top priority. The panel delved into the balance between cyber security and innovation, considering questions such as the role of innovation in opening doors to cyber threats. It was a dynamic discussion featuring various industry experts.

Unveiling the Hidden Threat: Why Mobile Endpoints Could Be Your Weakest Link

Darren Rawlinson, UK B2B Product Manager, Samsung Electronics UK

Darren Rawlinson highlighted the often-overlooked security considerations related to mobile endpoints. He discussed the risk associated with mobile devices, emphasizing the need for proper management, protection, and maintenance. Attendees learned about the broader risks of neglecting mobile endpoint security.

Securing Education, an Industry under Attack

James Egginton & Lucas Patterson, SonicWall

James Egginton and Lucas Patterson addressed the rise in cyber attacks on the education industry, driven by increased technology use during the pandemic. They discussed the latest cyber threats facing education and provided insights on how schools can ensure the safety and security of students and staff.

The Red Queen's Gambit: Cybersecurity Challenges in the Age of AI

Lindsay Thorburn, Risk and Governance Practice Lead, CDS Defence & Security

Lindsay Thorburn discussed the cybersecurity challenges posed by AI in the modern age. He explored the use of AI in launching sophisticated and targeted cyberattacks and strategies organizations can use to protect themselves from these threats.

Managing Cybersecurity without a SOC

Neil Langridge, e92

Neil Langridge examined the growing challenge of managing cybersecurity in an environment with more data, devices, and complex environments. The session addressed the shift from reactive to proactive cyber defense, considering the need to manage cyber threats without a Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Stop Blaming the End User: Lessons in Managing Human Risk

John Scott, Lead Cybersecurity Researcher, Culture AI

John Scott delved into the psychology of human error in a security context. He offered practical advice on mitigating mistakes and supporting effective human risk management within organizations. The session aimed to ensure employees maintain focus on their core responsibilities while minimizing the risks associated with human behavior in cybersecurity.