Benefit from the buying power of many

A personalised marketplace for your community buying club

Are you part of a group of like minded organisations looking to collectively pool spending power and get the same sharp discounts enjoyed by large corporate entities. Perhaps you are a group of schools, an association, or a franchise network?

The Probrand marketplace can be configured to your community, providing access to your own view of the marketplace with your own entitlements, discounts and special offers.

Save Money

Save money and maximise spend

Visibilty of consistent pricing

Gain visibility of consistent prices for all

Centralise procurement

Centralise procurement and be more efficient

Rebate models available to put value back into the community

Rebate models available to put value back into the community

Take advantage of preferential pricing across your community

  • Co-brand – a marketplace that the community recognises
  • Community specific pricing – preferential based on volume and sector
  • Bulk buy discounts – Greater savings on large quantities of single products
  • Personalised catalogues – create and manage your own catalogues
  • Publish your own services – Promote shared services offered within the community
  • Add catalogues outside of IT – Take marketplace benefits into other categories
  • Private user registration – manage your users better
  • Management reporting - Dashboards track spend and savings

Reap the rewards in the IT category, then build out to other in-direct categories.