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About Epson:

By developing innovative, convenient and easy-to-use products that deliver anywhere and at any time, we aim to help customers to reduce waste, save time and resources and contribute to a sustainable society.

Epson’s Ecology:

We are committed to delivering value for our customers through initiatives that reduce our impact on the environment. In 2017 Epson was awarded the EcoVadis Gold rating, which puts us in the top five percent of companies for sustainability.

We cut emissions and reduce paper and water use by creating environmentally conscious products. We are making strides in advancing a circular, low-carbon economy within our own product designs and the partners that we work with.

Epson ecology

Up to 92% less CO2 than lasers6

Epson ecology

96% less energy than lasers7

Epson ecology

94% less waste than lasers7

Epson ecology

3.5x faster than lasers8

Epson ecology

Sustainable solutions

Display Size Matters

What should you look for in a screen?

When you’re choosing the right display for your business, there’s a lot to consider. One of the first questions you might ask is: Do I need an all in one meeting room solution, a whiteboard or a flat panel?

Achieving the optimum display, with the correct visibility, is critical to getting the most from your meetings and on-screen content. One of the advantages of Epson projectors is that they offer a scalable screen size, to meet the varying requirements of rooms of all sizes.

Meet minimum screen size requirements with ease

You wouldn’t be comfortable working at a desk where the screen is too small – it’s not good for your eyes and can compromise the quality of on-screen content.

For the same reasons, you need a screen size that is suitable for your meeting room – which is why Epson projectors exceed the health and safety standards for the equivalent desktop display experience. (EU Directive 90/270/EEC – Display Screen Equipment).

The screen size scalability and functionality of Epson projectors mean it’s easy to ensure that content shown is not too small, is of high quality and clearly visible to all, taking into consideration viewing distances from the screen. That way, everyone in your meeting has the same opportunities to share and engage.

Epson minimum Screen Size Requirements

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