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Our robust and high-speed flatbed scanners deliver versatility with their ability to scan different sizes and types of media up to A3 size. Scan a range of documents including passports, books and magazines, high-resolution images, and negatives such as x-rays or film.


Network Functionality

Easily integrate our network-ready models into your systems and workflows, and create dedicated job profiles that send jobs straight to the right destination. Epson Document Capture Pro makes iut easy to integrate business scanners into your document management systems.

Increases productivity with customisable PushScab functions from scanner panel such as scan to Microsoft SharePoint and cloud services.

High-speed ADF scanning with duplex

Epson ADF scanners deliver up to 70ppm for A4 sized documents. With one-pass duplex scanning both sides of a document with a single pass.

Increases productivity with customisable PushScab functions from scanner panel such as scan to Microsoft SharePoint and cloud services.

ADF Scanning

Ultrasonic double feed detection

The built-in detector ensures that every page is scanned by sensing if more than a single page has been accidentally fed into the scanner. In this occurence, it will alert the user to rectify the issue before continuing.

Book spine correction

Reduce shadows and distortions near to the book spine enabling the digital images you scan to be read more easily Without book spine correction Wth book spine correction

Book spine correction

Sheetfed Scanner

Epson's sheetfed scanners are fast, reliable and versatile - helping to boost productivity in the workplace. Across Europe, organisations are realising the importance of improving their document management processes. Boost efficiency by scanning, digitising and sharing files quickly and easily.


Our compact sheetfed scanners deliver versatility with their ability to scan different Sizes and types of media Create PDFs, collaborate with colleagues or store critical business data. Seamlessly integrate into almost any document management system and workflow process thanks to WIAV TWAIN and ISIS driver support In addition, name files instantly and deliver them to the right destination automatically with barcode recognition and Zonal OCR functions that help automate large document processes.

Epsion technology
Epson wifi

Wi-Fi direct functionality

"Epson DocumentScan software allows users to take advantage of Wi-Fi Direct to wireless connect to our supported scanners without any existing networks. This is ideal for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environments, and makes it even easer to use cloud services to scan, store and centralise all your important business documents for staff to access wherever they may be, on whatever device they may have. You can also scan uirectly to an email address or another Epson Connect enabled printer.

Scan documents directly to your AndroidTM device. You can preview the scanned data and send It to email, directly to other applications or to cloud services like BOW DropBoxe, EvernoteG)I Google Drive"" and Microsofte OneDrive.

Mobile Scanner

Epson's portable business scanner makes it easy to manage documents quickly and effectively on the move. With one of the lightest and smallest designs in its class, it is ideal to put in a bag or keep in a drawer, letting you quickly digitise paperwork on demand, wherever you are. Wireless connectivity and a built-in battery2 complete a truly portable scanning experience, with no need to carry around extra cables.

Manage documents quickly and effectively while on the move

It's not always possible to predict when you'll need to scan a document on the move. Perhaps you need to send proof of ID, urgent paperwork or new designs. Perhaps you've just picked up a heap of leaflets and business cards you don't want to carry around with you. Epson's portable business scanner means you can digitise and send in full colour, wherever you are, without taking up too much valuable luggage space.

Flexibility for all your scanning needs

The portable business scanner can handle paper weights from flimsy 52gsm sheets up to heavyweight 230gsm card. It can scan an extensive range of media, including envelopes, flyers and receipts.

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Reliable speed and efficiency

The fastest scanner in its class1, Epson's portable business scanner can scan at 25ppm and offers both double-sided and single-sided scanning. It offers print-quality scanning at 300dpi in both colour and monochrome, and has a 20-page automatic document feeder and USB 3.0 compatibility for the fastest possible scanning.


This scanner offers one of the smallest footprints in its class and is also one of the lightest, with a compact, practical design. This makes it ideal for carrying in a bag or keeping in a drawer, without taking up too much valuable space.

media Versatility

Media versatility

The portable business scanner has a dedicated card scan function that can capture plastic cards including driving licences, ID cards and membership cards among many other media types.

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