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The E-series monitors, providing great value for money, are the perfect choice for home users. The monitors are fitted with the latest high quality LED backlit TN panels offering very good image quality combined with low power consumption. As TN panels guarantee extremely fast response time, the E-series monitors are most suitable for watching videos and even playing games.

TN Panel

TN is the most common LCD technology. TN panels offer fast response time, good overall performance and attractive pricepoint. In combination with LED backlight, TN technology guarantees high brightness and low power consumption.

ACR (Advanced Contrast Ratio)

Contrast Ratio is a measurement of the difference between the darkest black and the brightest white your monitor can display. Advanced Contrast Ratio is a feature that automatically adjusts contrast and brightness of the screen to assure perfect picture quality while watching films and playing games.


VESA mount compliance guarantees you can easily mount your monitor to any compatible bracket and mount it on a wall optimising your space and making sure you can look at the monitor at a comfortable angle.


The X-series monitors come with top-class features and deliver best-in-class performance. Incorporating the latest IPS or AMVA technology along with multiple inputs, the displays offer supreme colour performance and optimum compatibility across a broad range of multi-media devices. They assure consistent and accurate colour reproduction from all viewing angles. The image is clear and blur-free as the panels can process high speed signals without data loss. The X-series monitors are a huge hit with demanding users like photographers, graphic artists and DTP professionals.

AMVA technology offers higher contrast, darker blacks and much better viewing angles than standard TN technology. The screen will look good no matter what angle you look at it. AMVA+ technology is the best choice for almost any professional application.

The IPS panel technology guarantees consistent colour reproduction with wide viewing angles and high contrast and is therefore especially recommended for graphics design and other applications which require colours to be displayed accurately. The response time of the panel allows for smooth playback while watching films and playing games, making the IPS the best all-round technology suitable for both business and home use.

Inputs (HDMI/DisplayPort)

A wide range of digital video inputs assures compatibility with multiple platforms. The X-series are all provided with DVI and HDMI or DisplayPort. They can be used with any laptop, MAC or desktop PC.


Through all stages: concept, design and development – the G-MASTER monitors are meant to be real game changers giving true hardcore gamers the competitive edge they need to make split second decisions. Smooth and judder free graphics during fast paced games are guaranteed by the use of high quality panels with a blistering response time ensuring fluid and accurate transition between the images. G-MASTERS come equipped with a broad set of inputs and a headphone connector. Each monitor offers access to predefined and custom gaming modes to quickly adjust settings to your own preferences.


AMD FreeSync™ technology puts an end to choppy gameplay and broken frames with fluid, artifact-free performance at virtually any frame rate. When the frame rate drops during gameplay the monitor refresh rate will also go down to stay in sync with the graphics card.

Black Turner

The users can adjust the brightness and the dark shades with the Black Tuner, giving greater viewing performance in shadowed areas and helping to spot the enemy earlier.


Rapid refresh rate and frame rate guarantee smooth, blur free and judder free graphics, with lower latency and lag improving response times for fast paced games. Especially suited to the fast pace games like FPS, racers, MOBA and sports where the 144hz refresh rate delivers the crisp and sharp images needed to raise your game. For 144 fps game-play it is required to have a graphic card that supports dual link 144Hz DVI.

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