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Resistive touchscreens are a very durable and affordable solution for demanding environments often affected by dirt and dust as they are highly resistant to foreign objects and moisture.

They are the perfect choice for applications where using gloves is a standard, such as industrial environments, warehouse applications or restaurants.

A resistive touchscreen responds to pressure generated on the screen and it does not matter what this pressure is performed with. A finger, special pen or glove all work. Resistive touchscreen can only register one touch at a time.

The resistive touchscreens are designed for industrial applications. They are highly reliable, durable and resistant to dirt and moisture. The reduced brightness of the screen makes a resistive screen less suitable for retail or information kiosks.

Can be used for

  • warehouse applications
  • Industrial machine control rooms
  • Restaurant and Point of Sale applications


Screens with SAW technology are covered with a glass overlay which means they are highly scratch resistant and durable. They offer high contrast and colour accuracy.

They are the perfect choice for use in public places or schools as the touch function remains unaffected even if the screen is scratched.

A Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) touchscreen works slightly differently than other touch technologies. The SAW touchscreens use special transducers that are mounted on the edge of the panel. These so-called transducers create an invisible grid of ultrasonic waves across the surface, which are collected by receivers.

When a user touches the screen, some waves are absorbed. The receivers localize the touch and send this information to the controllers of the touchscreen. SAW touchscreens work with a finger, without or with latex glove, or special soft pen. They can only register one touch at a time.

Can be used for

  • Hospitality such as self-check-in
  • Basic kiosk, POI and POS
  • Control room, production and workflow control


The optical touch technology uses cameras and therefore works with any object, offering great flexibility to work in different applications. Thanks to its high clarity it ensures great picture performance.

Can be used for

  • Basic kiosk
  • POI
  • Education & Learning


With PCAP technology your audience will enjoy fast, fluid and accurate touch response allowing them to fully immerse in the story you want to tell.

A great choice for high-use environments such as retail, interactive POS or hospitality.

The projected capacitive touchscreen technology uses a sensor-grid of micro-fi ne wires integrated into the glass that cover the screen. Touch is detected because electrical characteristics of the sensor grid change when a human finger is placed on the glass.

Thanks to the glass overlay, the screens are highly durable and resistant to shocks, vandalism and scratches. The touch functions remain unaffected even if the glass is scratched.

Its stylish edge to edge design fits perfect in aesthetically demanding environments such as retail and hotels.

Can be used for

  • retail
  • Kiosk
  • Interactive POS
  • Hospitality, leisure, gyms, self-check-in


Eye catching open frame touch displays with project capacitive technology, featuring an edge-to-edge design and carefully fi nished back side. Open Frame monitors feature special mounting holes and external mounting brackets to secure easy installation in kiosk and desks

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