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Mercato Solutions

Mercato Solutions develops scalable cloud environments that allow organisations to work more efficiently and effectively to ultimately save time and money.

Our solutions include:

Configure, Price, Quote

Our cloud-based technology that makes it easy to configure, price and quote your products and get prices faster and more accurate.

IT Benchmarking

Our rapid IT benchmarking software platform that allows procurement teams to take control of their IT spend.

Online Marketplaces

Our bespoke procurement software that empowers companies to purchase smarter to save time and money with their procurement processes.

Rapid App Development

Our award-winning app development platform. Without having to write code, you can produce enterprise web and mobile apps faster and cheaper than using traditional development methods.

Implemented with our very own advanced technology, we enable ourselves the ability to create unique marketplaces for both products and services. Rapidly building complex enterprise applications, providing advanced CPQ systems and price benchmarking tools are just a few examples of what we can offer to save organisations time, money, and much much more...

Simplify complex processes

It could be analysing data, managing intricate supply chains, transitioning processes to the cloud or introducing automation. We believe there should be a simple, cost-effective way to address these challenges, and have created technology that achieves this.

Drive user adoption

For software to be successful, people need to use it. We create products that people want and love to use, because they’re intuitive and actually make their lives easier. You frequently hear people say “I am enjoying the experience” – not something you can say about lots of business software.

Accelerate deployment

We refine all our products to achieve the balance between configurability and fast deployment. As a result, you get customisable software that’s tailored to your needs around user roles, business processes and functionality, based on proven platforms, meaning you’re up and running faster.

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For more information on any of these products, speak to a product specialist on 0800 001 4133.