Our story starts in Finland, where Nokia phones are designed with style and durability that stand the tests of time – just like our version of Android. Every edge is sketched with precision; anything unnecessary, removed – just like our version of Android.

No clutter. No bloatware. Just a pure experience that stays secure and gets better with time – and that goes for every Nokia smartphone in our range. Simple.

The Home Of Nokia Phones

HMD has a simple idea at the core of its operations: that mobile technology can enhance the everyday lives of everyone around the world. Probrand has chosen to partner with HMD to combine their mobile enterprise devices and systems with Probrand products to deliver innovative solutions tailored to corporate customers' specific needs.

Now more than ever, with business’s facing colossal pressure to improve productivity and accelerate innovation, in a time when working from home is the new standard, organizations are making digital transformation an imperative. At the heart of this reality is enterprise mobility, with the smartphone becoming the digital workplace hub. Employees are demanding better workplace technology experiences, and IT organizations face increasingly complex challenges in selecting, deploying, securing and managing the devices to meet expectations and maximize employee productivity. For many organizations, Android Enterprise is becoming the default choice for their enterprise mobility strategy due to the sheer number of Android devices available at various prices and the platform’s flexibility to support several business needs.

Why Nokia smartphones?

No two businesses are identical, and neither are their enterprise needs. The Nokia phones range of Android Enterprise Recommended devices is broader than that of any other smartphone brand, giving you the freedom to choose what bests suits your enterprise use case. Whichever one you pick, your enterprise mobility is future-proofed with three years of security updates and at least two years of Android OS upgrades.

Keeping quality phones in use for longer

From their durable builds to years of software and security updates, Nokia smartphones are made to last, inside and out. Our lifecycle support services help to ensure the longevity of your enterprise devices, thereby reducing their Total Cost of Ownership.

For enterprises that wish to extend their company owned smartphone fleet lifecycle, we’re also able to provide a fourth year of quarterly security patches for selected Nokia phones as an additional Value Added Service, keeping them secure for even longer. Get in touch with us for availability information and for an offer.

Counterpoint study

#1 in trust rankings for a second year* “Nokia lead the Trust Rankings Based on Software, Security Updates and Build Quality”

Delivering monthly security updates for three years and software upgrades for two years means that once again, Nokia smartphones top the 2020 Counterpoint Research trust rankings. We also offer the widest selection Android® Enterprise Recommended smartphones compared to other smartphone brands. Check out the study to find out more.

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