Our story starts in Finland, where Nokia phones are designed with style and durability that stand the tests of time – just like our version of Android. Every edge is sketched with precision; anything unnecessary, removed – just like our version of Android.

No clutter. No bloatware. Just a pure experience that stays secure and gets better with time – and that goes for every Nokia smartphone in our range. Simple.

Enterprise Mobility Management For Various Industry Needs

Whatever your industry or business, HMD Enable Pro is the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution you can rely on to secure, manage and monitor your fleet of Android devices from deployment to retirement. It take just a few minutes to come to grips with the management console – no IT experience required.

Secure & enterprise ready

  • HMD Enable Pro is developed in-house in Finland by HMD Global, the trusted European manufacturer of Nokia phones
  • HMD Enable Pro runs in Google Cloud servers in Hamina, Finland
  • Based on Android Management API, HMD Enable Pro is future-proof. It supports all Android Enterprise Management Profiles (Kiosk, Fully Managed, Work Profile) and benefits from the latest Android Enterprise capabilities
  • Secure and efficient app distribution with Managed Google Play store
  • Nokia smartphone OEM config app, in combination with the Nokia Enterprise API, provides additional management capabilities for Nokia phones
  • HMD Enable Pro enables remote lock and remote wipe of devices in case they are lost or stolen
  • Restrict a mobile device to business-critical apps to ensure security and productivity

Easy management from single tool

  • HMD Enable Pro is efficient, easy to use and a flexible EMM solution for all GMS certified devices with Android 9 or above
  • Quick and easy EMM deployment methods (Zero-Touch enrolment, QR code) with HMD Enable Pro
  • Flexible and cost-effective business model with monthly, bi-annual and annual subscription options
  • Depending on the company needs, devices can be deployed in Kiosk mode, Fully Managed or Work Profile (company-owned or BYOD)
  • Nokia smartphones, HMD Enable Pro EMM, HMD Connect Pro data roaming connectivity and global support – all from one trusted provider

Location tracking via separate companion app

  • See the location of your Fully Managed and Kiosk mode company-owned devices to feel safe that they are where they should be.
  • HMD Enable Pro ensures location history and updates up to every 15 mins

Everything Connected And Under Control

Connect Pro: View and manage all of the SIM cards in your fleet globally via a simple to use, straightforward management console.

Superior multi-network connectivity

What you want from an IoT network is constant connectivity wherever you are. We offer truly global and reliable coverage with network and multi-network access in over 200 destinations. A proven M2M solution with millions of SIM cards connected and managed through Nokia WING globally.

Our network contains one of the highest numbers of breakout points where we automatically choose the closest, most efficient, and secure network. This means unsurpassed low latency, ensuring a stable and fast connection for your business.

Unlimited number of SIM's

You can add an unlimited number of SIM cards and manage your devices with our easy-to-use dashboard.

Set up automations

Create custom automations for credit and data traffic management on SIM cards to save time and money.

Manage SIM cards

Manage your SIM cards with names, tags, groups, global search, and custom filters. Get valuable information, such as SIM card detail pages.

Manage all parameters

Activate, suspend and lock whenever you want. You have total flexibility and control over every SIM card and data plan.

Keep everything in check

View every aspect of how your team is using the HMD Global network. The analytics show connections and usage both globally and for each SIM card.

Dive into details

Consult the data sessions for detailed information and analyses to identify SIM cards that are not performing well.

Share access

Create secondary users and manage authorisations for each member of your team.

Manage your own application

Activate, suspend and lock whenever you want. You have total flexibility and control over every SIM card and data plan.

Set up groups

Arrange your SIM's hierarchically and/or in groups, making it easier to stay in control.

Find out more

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