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Configure. Integrate. Govern.

The future of procurement is marketplace buying, yet marketplaces are presenting as many benefits as challenges for procurers looking to implement governance and control. Probrand delivers configurable marketplace buying into your IT procurement policies and procedures within one centralised and integrated environment to reduce rogue purchasing, improve spend management and drive efficiency.

  • Rationalise your supply chain
  • Simplify non-sourced buying
  • Augment or replace outdated and overpriced catalogues

Feature packed and accredited

Centralised purchasing platform

Aggregate suppliers, technologies and processes into one environment

Real-time price and stock checks

10 million automated checks daily to provide a virtual, live product catalogue

Connect and Integrate

Single sign-on, punch out and pass basket back into ERP/P2P via cXML/OCI.

Configure & personalise content

Add categories and personalised catalogues

Management Information and Analytics

Dashboards and exportable reports track spend, savings and activity down to line item detail

Benefitting Buyers & Suppliers

If I want to make a purchase then Probrand’s Marketplace will be the first place I look, especially when time is precious. I know that nine times out of ten, I will get the best price available.

With Probrand's Marketplace, we’re confident we always get the best possible price – no longer do we spend time bouncing back and forth between multiple suppliers, sourcing and comparing prices. Previously we would spend half a day each week, it now takes us about 30 minutes. If we want to double check anything, we have a named person at the other end of the phone.

Probrand consistently balances best price with high availability. This gets new technology to the education environment fast.

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