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Save an hour per order

With constant price changes, we know you spend time calling and browsing multiple suppliers for 3 or more quotes, before manually comparing to get the best one … only to find the best price is now out of stock. We thought it was time for a change!

We show you multiple quotes direct from distributors and vendors on every product and in one place, then automatically compare those quotes in real-time, highlighting best price with stock. For suppliers quote and compete for your business to drive the price down for you the customer. We update our supplier prices and stock levels straight away when they change.

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Automatic price comparison does the hard work for you so you don't have to

Probrand saves you time and money

Financial benefits accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Know you’re getting best price

Need 3 quotes? No problem, see price comparison across multiple suppliers on every product.

Live price and stock

An efficient marketplace updates supplier price and stock every minute.

Supplier competition

Suppliers compete in a live marketplace to win business.

Price comparison across all suppliers

Every 10 minutes our systems automatically search our supply chain for the latest price and stock levels.

Benefitting Buyers & Suppliers

The Probrand marketplace automatically delivers on best practice of getting 3 quotes from suppliers on purchases. This feature saves users time and money over manual ways of calling, comparing and negotiating with multiple suppliers.

If I want to make a purchase then Probrand’s Marketplace will be the first place I look, especially when time is precious. I know that nine times out of ten, I will get the best price available.

The new system offers transparency, management functionality and an excellent order approval system, it is possible to delegate the placing of orders while keeping control of budgets.

It’s completely changed the way we work. Probrand's marketplace does all of the hard work for me – finding the best price and giving me peace of mind that the price that’s showing is the actual end price. I love the fact that I can do 99% of my buying on the marketplace but there’s a human being there for me to work with if I need to!

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