Save an hour per order

Need 3 quotes? Automatic price comparison does the hard work for you

With up to 60,000 price changes a day, we know you consume up to an hour per order calling and browsing multiple suppliers for 3 or more quotes, before manually comparing to get the best one … only to find the best price is now out of stock.

We thought it was time for a change!

Probrand saves you time and money just like the Meerkats– financial benefits accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

We show you multiple quotes direct from distributors and vendors (not resellers!) on every product and in one place, then automatically compare those quotes in real-time, highlighting best price with stock.

For suppliers quote and compete for your business to drive the price down for you the customer, and given the volume of price and stock changes, we update our supplier prices and stock levels every time they change.

Centralised purchasing platform

Know you’re getting best price..

Need 3 quotes? No problem, see price comparison across multiple suppliers on every product

Real-time price and stock checks

Live price and stock

An efficient marketplace updates supplier price and stock every minute

Configured to your complex needs

Supplier competition

Suppliers compete in a live marketplace to win business

Our unique feed management technology provides live price comparison across all our suppliers. Every 10 minutes our systems automatically search our supply chain for the latest price and stock levels, these are processed onto the marketplace immediately giving you the lowest price with stock from over 40 suppliers across over 300k products.

Reap the rewards in the IT category, then build out to other in-direct categories.