We are a Danish refurbishing company, built on a circular economy logic. It is deeply rooted in our DNA to reduce global CO2 emissions and e-waste, by giving the end-of-use IT equipment an extended lifecycle.

We believe that the sustainable value of things comes from their ability to circulate, which is why T1A offers sustainable products and services. T1A products result from the value retention process that includes an ISO certified product handling, secured data erasure, and product classification. T1A services increase the life span of End-of-Use IT equipment up to 7-9 years.

The time to become more sustainable is now

The days where CO2 emission, pollution, and overexploitation of resources was something we had to think about in the future are no more.

The future is here. We must act now for the sake of the future generations.

Buying refurbished IT is one place to start.

Become part of something great

When buying refurbished IT your company makes a choice to be part of the circular economy.

This results in limiting:

  • Further C02 emission and pollution
  • Environmental intoxication
  • Additional e-waste

Don't over-exploit the planets resources

Most of the planets scares materials like gold is used in manufacturing computers.

Making one single PC requires 1.7 tons of raw materials and water.

Resource scarcity will be a problem soon if the world continues like now, resulting in higher prices.

99.3% reused or recycled

In the EU alone there is produced 8.7 million tons of e-waste annually. Only 2.1 million is systematically collected and recycled.

No one knows where the remaining 75 % ends up. Out of all the used IT equipment we buy from companies only 10 % canĀ“t be refurbished.

This equipment is sorted and sent to Stena Recycling where 93% can be reused or recycled into new resources like gold.

Find out more

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