We are a Danish refurbishing company, built on a circular economy logic. It is deeply rooted in our DNA to reduce global CO2 emissions and e-waste, by giving the end-of-use IT equipment an extended lifecycle.

Always Included

When buying refurbished IT equipment from Tier1 Asset all our products in all grades always include:

For all budgets


Original new product

This is a new product, that has never been used and may be in the original Retail packaging.

The manufacturer warranty may still be included.


Original almost new product

These products look new and are in very good visual condition without any visible trace of usage.

The grade is perfect for the user that values great visual appearance.


Market leading refurbished product

This product has only a few cosmetic signs of use. The T1A grade is ideal for professional office use.


Regular refurbished product

These products will appear used. The grade is suitable for start-ups, students, and the public institutions like schools.

Find out more

For more information on any of these products, speak to a product specialist on 0800 001 4133.