Data is at the heart of every industry's transformation, and this is where Synology has a profoundly important role to play. At its very core, our mission is to manage and protect the world's data. Synology uniquely enables every business to manage, secure and protect their data wherever access is needed from.

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Streamline your Business with Next-Generation Hybrid Cloud and Total Protection for your Critical Systems

Disaster Recovery for your Business

Protect your Business infrastructure with Bare-Metal backup, Flexible recovery, Agentless Backup and Quick recovery. Protect your Workstations, Servers, Hyper-V and VMware environments.

Modern Business File Server

Easily integrate Synology into your environment with support for browsers, mobile platforms and operating systems, Or work collaboratively with Synology office, providing your own private cloud platform.

High Performance Storage for Enterprise Infrastructure

Accelerate virtual workloads by seamlessly integrating Synology solutions with mainstream platforms. Synology is certified for VMware V-Sphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer and OpenStack Cinder.

Protect your Network with Synology Router

Powered by Synology Router Manager, Synology Router allows full control over your network, with Site-to-Site VPNs, Access control and traffic management whilst providing scalable mesh networks.

Optimise your NAS system backup with Synology C2 Cloud

One-Stop Solution

Synology C2 cloud is your one-stop solution, designed specifically for Synology users to backup their entire NAS system, and restore data any time.

Transparent Pricing

Budget further ahead with Flexible monthly or yearly plans, with no hidden fees or additional costs for data transfer or download. You only pay for cloud storage.

Powerful, Military-Grade Encryption

Client-side AES-256 encryption protects your data from unauthorised access before it even leaves your NAS.

An exclusive service for our UK customers!

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Protecting your VMware and Hyper-V Virtualisation Environments

Creating a Remote Workspace with Synology in 2021

Support your Device's Health

Synology warranty

Enterprise-Grade Warranty

5 Year Warranty on enterprise systems Upgrade your non-enterprise systems with Synology 2-year warranaty extension

Enterprise Service Options

4 Hours Onsite Support
24/7 Access to Help Desk

Synology warranty

Synology & Probrand Consultancy Service

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From organising remote work to keeping ahead of the latest ransomware threats, businesses big or small need to get their data infrastructure right. In exclusive partnership with Probrand, Synology’s One-Stop consultancy is there to guide you on the best path to modernising your infrastructure, to ensure all employees, customers and partners share in your organisation’s digital success.

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