New Windows PCs and tablets that include support for the latest processors like 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors and Intel® Atom™ processors, are thinner, lighter and faster, with longer battery life. With new low-cost devices available soon, these impressive devices will soon have equally impressive price tags.

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Traditional device procurement and support challenges

Device servicing and support

Internal support teams have limited ability to service device hardware and software

Unpredictable cost models

The time and capital investment in device refreshes can be costly and irregular

Hardware refresh duration

Refresh cycles take too long and are often way overdue

Surface as a Service

A Microsoft partnership that provides devices, accessories, software, and support options, on a subscription basis, all under one monthly bill

Customized software + hardware offerings

Enhancing the Surface experience

Modernizing your approach to technology procurement for superior business agility

Accelerated technology adoption

The latest software and hardware is always available, giving you the competitive edge

Cost predictability

Converting from CAPEX to OPEX reduces upfront expenses and introduces greater predictability

Simplified IT

IT teams can focus on value-added activities versus ongoing support for older devices

Microsoft 365 Enterprise

Empowering everyone to be creative and work together

  • Unlocks creativity
  • Built for teamwork
  • Integrated for simplicity
  • Intelligent security

Microsoft 365 Business

Empowering everyone to be creative and work together

  • Achieve more together
  • Anywhere it matters
  • Always-on security
  • Simplified for business

Surface as a Service & Microsoft 365

Completing the Microsoft 365 experience

Surface as a Service (SaaS) empowers your business to unify the device procurement process with the way modern software is purchased.

With SaaS and Microsoft 365, empower your team, safeguard your business, and simplify IT management, all on a single device, purpose-built for the Microsoft software your organization runs on.

The ultimate device for the modern workplace

Supporting the customer experience throughout the device lifecycle

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