Digital transformation is fast becoming the lifeblood of every business, every industry.

Businesses today must innovate around how work gets done, where it gets done, and the devices and solutions needed to enable it all. Simply put, the way we work is changing—remote and hybrid work are becoming the new norm and they can bring many benefits, its not without its challenges:

  • Increasingly complex IT environments due to number of new devices connecting to the corporate network
  • Need to provision and deploy devices remotely without sacrificing security
  • Pressure to scale, bring services to market faster, and reduce costs
  • Teams need flexible, productive, and secure work from home options.
  • Growing cyberthreats require more advanced security across devices, users, apps and their data.

Surface Duo 2

Deliver for clients, anytime, anywhere

You’re always on call. Access sensitive data over a secure 5G connection and leverage two screens to edit then share work seamlessly.

  • Join Teams meetings in the field or on the fly with a travel-ready device that fits in your pocket
  • Securely open emails, share files, and utilize Microsoft Business Apps with cloud-based management
  • Customize proposals and presentations in Microsoft 365 apps optimized for dual screens
  • Capture signatures on the go with Slim Pen 2*
  • Impress clients as you cast to an external screen and run the pitch from a sleek, modern device

Get essential tasks done in the moment

Stay connected to the information you need whether on-site or at the office. Get the functionality and performance you expect to do your job best.

  • Easily reference web content or documentation on one screen while interfacing with equipment on the other in a side-by-side comparison*
  • Take on-site photos or share inspiration with the AI-enabled triple lens camera or even engage an expert on a Dynamics 365 Remote Assist* video call
  • Access and update inventory, shipping, and logistics information from the warehouse
  • Eliminate the need for a smartphone and tablet with single high productivity device to track store operations and sales

Keep up your momentum

Make decisions on the go with fast access to your team and your data. Reference reports on one screen and use Surface Slim Pen 2* to sign off on the other.

  • Attend board meetings without a bulky device—take notes and view data in Microsoft Excel simultaneously
  • Travel light on a business trip with a single high productivity VDI-enabled device
  • With Surface Duo Glance Bar, receive important notifications while in a meeting
  • Connect over Microsoft Teams for daily staff meetings and collaborate in Microsoft Whiteboard to solve problems

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