From reliable switches, to secure WiFi, to application aware firewalls, to network storage that continuously protects data, NETGEAR business products are purposely designed to meet the needs of this ever changing environment and keep companies connected and moving at full speed. Simply, reliably, and affordably.

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Network Switches

Our range of Ethernet network switches has a model to suit just about every SMB


Simple, plug-and-play switching for organizations that need instant, fuss-free connectivity and no management.


Smart Managed Plus

Entry-level management for essential services, with support for QoS and VLANs, plus the ability to set priority for voice, video and other data traffic.

Smart Pro with optional remote cloud management

All the capabilities of our Smart Manage Pro switches, with the option to remotely monitor using Insight Cloud Management.


Fully managed

For bigger networks where high bandwidth (10G/40G/100G) and granular control is key to minimizing traffic congestion. These switches enable efficient network expansion at an unrivalled low price-per-port. Standout features include NETGEAR’s space-saving stackable design, maximum granularity from 8 to 96 ports (copper and fibre), empty or prepopulated/preconfigured chassis, and PoE support. These switches are designed to mix and match together, integrate seamlessly with other vendors’ components and are engineered for AV over IP multicast networking.


Encompassing all of the management types above, NETGEAR has a PoE-enabled network switch or access point available to power a wide variety of needs from 100Mpbs to 10Gbps. All PoE standards are supported including PoE++, with power budgets ranging from 19W to 1440W (perfect for more power-hungry situations). There is also the option of Insight Cloud for easy set-up and remote management. With NETGEAR FlexPoE, you can purchase a lower-powered switch and then upgrade the power supply and budget when needed, without having to replace the switch. Our range of Ethernet network switches has a model to suit just about every SMB requirement.

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