Kingston 4GB Encrypted USB AES 256 FIPS 197

Kingston KE-U774G-7U

Kingston's DataTraveler NHS Custom 3.0 (KE-U774G 3.0) USB flash drive provides affordable Government-grade security with 256-bit AES hardware-based encryption using XTS block cipher mode, which offers stronger protection than CBC and ECB modes. It protects 100 per cent of stored data and enforces complex password protection with minimum characteristics to prevent unauthorized access. For additional peace of mind, the drive locks down and reformats after 10 intrusion attempts. It also features a read-only access mode to avoid potential malware risks. Companies can add KE-U77*G 3.0 to their standards list with confidence since its industry-leading NAND and controller design allow for NAND to be interchanged without prequalification and certification of security features. Plus, they no longer have to compromise transfer speeds for safety, due to DTVP 3.0's SuperSpeed USB3.0 technology and backwards compatibility with USB 2.0. The KE-U774G 3.0 also comes with a unique serial code on every device to allow for audit tracking on every device.

  • Extended Spec

    InterfaceUSB 3.0
    Dimensions6.5cm x 2.3cm x 1.2cm
    WaterproofUp to 4ft
    Operating Temperature0°C to 60°C
    Storage temperature-20°C to 85°C
    CompatibilityUSB 3.0 compliant and 2.0 compatible
    Warranty/Support5 year warranty, free technical support

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