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Stock your busy office with easy to use desktop Calculators. Carry out everyday quick calculations with large soft touch buttons and a bright LCD display screen. Browse advanced models for access to a complete library of unit conversions, and benefit from other market leading on board features such as fraction to decimal conversions and logarithm tables. Check out our latest price checked offers from market leading brand names including Hewlett-Packard, Canon, and Casio.

CompareCasio MS-8B - Desktop calculator - solar panel, battery
18 Dec 21:32In Stock
CompareQ Connect Dual Powered 10 Digit Calculator with extra large easy to read adjustable display 4 memory keys battery back-up and auto power off. Dimensions - 138x103x31mm.
18 Dec 21:32In Stock
CompareDual powered desktop calculator with large 8 digit fixed angle display and spacious keypad. Features include: 4 key memory constants: addition division multiplication and subtraction percentage and square root keys and +/- change sign key.
18 Dec 21:32In Stock
CompareQ-Connect Compact 8 digit Dual Powered Calculator with an extra large display. Supplied complete with wallet. Dimensions - 99x58x6mm
18 Dec 21:32In Stock
CompareAurora Semi-Desktop Calculator - DT398. Professional dual powered calculator with a durable metal facia hard keys decimal point selector round up key mark up key 3 memory keys and auto power off.
18 Dec 21:32In Stock
CompareAurora Heavy Duty 12 Digit Dual Powered Desktop Calculator with large keys and fixed angle display for easy viewing. Other features include Round up-down and decimal selector. DT303. Dimensions - 133x198x34mm.
18 Dec 21:32In Stock
Compare12-digit calculator. Reliable and hardwearing. VAT and tax functions. Dual power options: solar and battery. Colour: grey.
18 Dec 21:32In Stock
CompareAurora DT910P Desktop Calculator. Dual power 12 digit calculator with tax function auto shut off and cost sell and margin functions.
18 Dec 21:32In Stock
CompareAurora AX-582BL - Scientific calculator - battery - black
18 Dec 21:33In Stock
CompareCasio MS-120BM - Desktop calculator - 12 digits - solar panel, battery
18 Dec 21:32In Stock
CompareCasio FX-83GTPLUS-SB-UT
06 Dec 4:07In Stock
CompareCasio DH-12 TER - Desktop calculator - 12 digits - solar panel, battery
18 Dec 21:32In Stock
CompareQ-Connect Large Pocket 12 Digit Dual Powered Calculator with large easy to read display and rubber keys for ease of use. Dimensions - 116x69x6mm.
18 Dec 21:32In Stock
CompareAURORA DT85V - Desktop calculator - 12 digits - solar panel, battery
18 Dec 21:32In Stock
CompareAurora Euro Calculator - D7401. Desk top calculator that features a large adjustable display for optimum viewing extra large keypad for ease of use durable hard keys for everyday heavy-duty use programmable currency converter and Set key.
18 Dec 21:32In Stock
CompareCasio FX-85GTPLUS Scientific Calculator. Features recurring 9 memories, decimal, verify, random integers, new calculation priority sequence, factorisation into prime factors, statistical data entry, multi replay and table of a function. Colour: Pink.
18 Dec 21:32In Stock
CompareAurora DB453B - Desktop calculator - 8 digits - solar panel, battery
18 Dec 21:32In Stock
CompareCasio JF-120ECO 12 digit dual powered calculator. Features percentage and tax calculation key roll-over currency conversions independent memory 3 digit comma markers rapid correction key plus/minus sign change and rounding selector.
18 Dec 21:32In Stock
CompareCasio fx-83GT PLUS - Scientific calculator - 10 digits + 2 exponents - battery
18 Dec 21:32In Stock
CompareCasio SL-210TE - Pocket calculator - 10 digits - solar panel, battery
18 Dec 21:32In Stock
CompareAurora EcoCalc 12-digit desk top calculator made from recycled plastic packaging made from 90% plus recycled paper and zero air miles during transportation. Features ISO14001 RoHS and WEEE compliant Cost Sell Margin and Tax features
18 Dec 21:32In Stock
18 Dec 21:32In Stock
CompareAurora AX-595TV - Scientific calculator - battery
18 Dec 21:33In Stock
CompareCasio FC-100V-S-UH
18 Dec 21:32In Stock
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