A leading provider of consumer and business networking products, TP-LINK provides innovative, award winning solutions in 120 countries. Ranked the No. 1 provider of WLAN products, TP-LINK is fully committed extensive R&D and strict Quality Assurance practices to provide products that meet customer's needs now and into the future.

Boasting awards for product performance and value, TP-LINK UK Ltd is highly regarded in the industry winning PCR Magazine's Networking Manufacturer of the Year award 3 years running. Underpinning high quality products, we provide 24/7 support, a Lifetime Warranty on the entire business range and a professional network site survey service.



Can you afford to make do with poor wireless?

Maximise network coverage and performance with the TP-LINK Network Site Survey.

This free, no obligation, on premise network site survey completed by TP-LINK experts will:

  • Provide a complete review of your LAN / WAN and WLAN infrastructure detailing its current strengths and weaknesses.
  • Deliver a report enabling you to review disaster recovery options should you lose connectivity or power.
  • Demonstrate any current network limitations and highlight solutions to increase capacity, functionality and security giving you the option to be flexible and expand.
  • Recommend best-of-breed solutions incorporating the latest wireless standards (AC and AD) to future proof your infrastructure and maximise return on investment.
  • Provide practical recommendations to achieve a fully integrated network infrastructure to maximise uptime and efficiency while minimising unplanned downtime.

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