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Cloud-based Firewall

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A cloud-based firewall will be your digital gatekeeper.

A fully managed firewall from Probrand provides all of this and more, at a price that’s realistic and affordable

Not everyone knocking on your digital door is friendly. Attackers constantly scan company networks from the outside, looking for ways to intrude into your systems and damage or steal your data. Scanning your network traffic to spot them and stop them is a crucial cybersecurity measure.

You need protection and security for your business at the perimeter to ensure that your entire IT system runs smoothly, day in, day out. A fully managed firewall from Probrand provides all of this and more, at a price that’s realistic and affordable.

A next generation firewall for you... installed, configured and managed by us

To counter modern threats, we use world-class technology from SonicWall, a next generation firewall that conducts deep level packet inspection to detect even sophisticated attacks. Its analysis detects threats within data and files by understanding what is in network packets as they travel into your network.

The Cloud-based SonicWall product provides a centralised, secure environment that enables you to monitor operations quickly and efficiently without losing focus on your business.

We’ll install and configure your firewall, and our expert team with manage ongoing changes. Hardware, software license, updates, support are all included, along with monthly reports that keep you informed about bandwidth usage, internet access, site visits and more.

Why Probrand?

Award winning technical service

ISO 27001 Accreditation.

800+ Clients Across Public & Private Sectors

Deep Technical Expertise.

Industry leading customer retention rate

98% Customer Retention.

1000+ Solutions delivered yearly

World-Class Support.

We have the largest in-house team of SonicWall qualified engineers in Europe, and we’ve been recognised as their Outstanding Integrator of The Year, so you can be confident you're in good hands. No wonder we’re a preferred implementation partner for SonicWall.


  • Our firewall service provides a highly intelligent filtering service that blocks multiple categories of objectionable web content.
  • We support wireless access management to control, maintain and optimise the WiFi wireless access on your network. It improves your user WiFi experience by automatically managing the share of bandwidth fairly among all devices.
  • We provide access to highly customisable and easy-to-read reports. Graphical illustrations provide an at-a-glance view of your bandwidth use and any threats.
  • Take advantage of aggregated threat intelligence that can only be delivered from a managed IT service. Any attacks to our clients are logged and updates sent to organisations in our network.
  • We take care of onsite hardware, repair, replacement and support.
  • The Probrand cloud-based firewall solution includes an optional SSL VPN that can improve security with tokenless authentication and a secure tunnel for remote access.
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